My name is Melissa Sugar and I am a criminal defense attorney and I handle Civil rights cases. I was a career prosecutor and have switched to the "dark side" as some say, but I have seen more "dark and horrific acts committed upon the accused than I would have ever believed possible. Now I am certainly not saying or implying that corruption is all around us and that our Judicial system is nothing more than a Certain few political figures owning Judges, I have the utmost respect for 98% of the elected officials in Louisiana. However, I have seen firsthand what some of the less ethical law enforcement officers are capable of. I have seen high rankining officials beat the crap out inmates. For the most part I expect and I hope for the non corrupt, good, law abiding DA's Judges, police etc, to work with me and not oppose me as I intend to eventually drive this blog, North, East, South and West making a few stops in Bossier. My destination is Bayou Dorcheet Detenion Center. The warden will have to kill me or have me killed (not sure he is not capable of just that), but I am cooperating fully with the Department of Justice in D.C. and other federal agencies and I won't stop until Webster Parish removes all corrupt officials and remedies the civil rights they continue to violate. So have you any news of inmates at Bayou Dorcheet being mistreated, beaten, tased, anything you have will help Monte Montgomery so I urge you to come forward. Remember what I said, a handful of bad apples does not a rotten orchard make, hence there are bad apples in every profession, but it is time to shake that rotten apple tree in Webster